Pario’s fundamental skill is understanding real estate markets—and what will make your project and investment successful. Feasibility is our core service: market research, supply and demand, financial feasibility, as well as project planning and positioning.

In addition to a long history with mainstream real estate industry feasibility, Pario also has over ten years experience with feasibility and implementation advisory work for urban betterment programs. Pario is a leader with these programs: sustainability, green building, New Urbanism, Smart Growth, eco industrial development, and community arts and cultural programming. Relative to these urban betterment programs–

  • For mainstream developers, Pario understands how to integrate sustainability into your processes and product.
  • For sustainability advocates and specialists, Pario understands the real estate industry and its needs relative to implementation and market transformation.

As the first urban economics firm fully committed to urban betterment programs, Pario has strong experience in these increasingly important movements. Pario uniquely understands urban betterment program objectives, industry process change, and consumer response. See Pario Writings and Speaking.

Pario works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico


Pario Research studies

  • Market research and market analysis for all major land uses
  • Feasibility assessment
    • Market
    • Financial
    • Product or service
    • Other feasibility determination as needed
  • Highest and best use
  • Financial modeling
  • Valuation and appraisal
  • Capital investment and RE development strategies, and how to accomplish them
  • Project specifications and programming
  • Due diligence and underwriting support
  • Consumer research
  • Target market identification
  • Marketing and sales process planning and implementation
  • Arts and cultural markets and program definition and implementation
  • Other special research needs
  • Program design and implementation for Pario’s Time Value of Community and C-Change initiatives

Ways to engage us — Pario can improve your outcomes with

  • Research studies
  • Strategic plans for implementation (what to do, how to do it)
  • Time Value of Community initiative presentations and workshops
  • Hourly or daily consulting
  • Real estate development (including Pario Programs and C-Change Partnerships)
  • Hybrid engagements

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