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C-Change Partnerships and Pario Programs

Pario innovates when viewing urban systems, their successes and failures, and opportunities to establish methods of betterment. Pario has a long history of rigorous and creative client research.

Time Value of Community

Urban betterment* agendas will profit from actionable, market-based investment mechanisms that help accomplish policy objectives, and such mechanisms are scarce and inadequate. Pario’s mechanisms described herein are actionable programs and incentives for investors and development industry participants toward better outcomes—rather than the current circumstance of neutrality or disincentive.

Pario’s guiding mechanism is Time Value of Community. TVC is both a philosophy and a systematic approach to urban development and programming. It motivates and aligns a broader-than-normal group of participants toward a long-term, mutual financial objective, and a commitment to strengthening community. With new temporal perspective and partnership collaborations, along with a new view of the relationship between property and market economics, TVC uses value changes over time to capitalize improvement initiatives. TVC is whole systems thinking for investment.

Planned Densification and Planned Densification LLC are recent initiatives based upon TVC.  Additional Time Value of Community news and information is forthcoming.

C-Change Partnerships

C-Change Partnerships are TVC’s organizational enabling mechanisms.
C-Change represents capacity change as well as a sea change paradigm shift in process. Locally appropriate private-public partnerships are formed, along with strong community representation. Multiple projects are being formed and linked in regions as collectives, sharing resources.

The goal of these programs is to cause a positive change in urban development motivation, processes, and outcomes. TVC, along with its enabling financial mechanism of equity sharing, and the organizational mechanism C-Change Partnerships, all offer new incentives for owners, investors, developers, communities, and government. Relative to incentive, in each TVC application, the expected outcome will be greater asset value, ownership equality, and greater efficiency and productivity of assets (ROA) and capital (ROI, ROE). Notwithstanding these expected financial and productivity gains, another expected outcome is greater civic spirit, love of place, and more connected citizens and communities.

To accomplish this new level of urban improvement is important because of suboptimum current conditions, the challenges encountered with existing urban betterment programs such as Smart Growth, New Urbanism, and green building, and especially in light of America’s expected growth in population, employment, and urban space requirements.** TVC and its programs serve as a catalyzing, systematic approach to improving communities.  More C-Change Partnership information and news is coming soon.

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Pario’s specialization is market analysis and project feasibility. After years of this work—and involvement in arts, culture, and community—Pario has evolved with these coalescing programs that bring together diverse interests over time with a common economic incentive . . . essentially transforming the vantage point from the time value of money to that of the Time Value of Community.


* New Urbanism, Smart Growth, green building, sustainable urban development, etc.

** The Brookings Institution has recently released a report that has made the magnitude of these space needs more widely known. The report is titled “Toward a New Metropolis: The Opportunity to Rebuild America.”





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